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(1) Agencies may exercise authority to purchase noncontrolled items with a total contract value of less than $10,000. Agencies may exercise delegated purchasing authority of $10,000 or more and for exigency purchases in accordance with written delegation agreements described in ARM 2.5.202, with the Montana Procurement Act, and with these rules.

(2) Delegation and competitive procedures are not necessary for goods and services listed in 18-4-132(3), MCA. Additional exempted purchases include:

(a) salaries;

(b) fees for those professions exempted by statute;

(c) travel and per diem;

(d) retirement and social security payments;

(e) freight;

(f) landfill charges;

(g) supplies or services whose prices are regulated by the Public Service Commission or other governmental authority;

(h) pastoral services;

(i) training;

(j) conference space rental and catering;

(k) fresh fruits and vegetables;

(l) fees for placing an advertisement in a publication or on radio, television, or other electronic media sources; fees for the development, design, and distribution of the advertisement are not included in this exception;

(m) educational instructors and guidance counselors for inmates under the supervision of the Department of Corrections; and

(n) books and periodicals.


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