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(1) All agencies shall complete the division's requisition form when a state purchase order or contract is required from the division. The requisition must be signed or electronically approved by an authorized agency official, and it must be accompanied by specifications as described in ARM 2.5.501.

(2) Requisitions for printing must be forwarded to the Print and Mail Services Bureau.

(3) Requisitions for all supplies and services falling outside an agency's delegated authority must be forwarded to the State Procurement Bureau.

(4) Agencies must obtain written approval as required for equipment described in ARM 2.5.202. Written approval must accompany the requisition.

(5) Upon receipt of a requisition, the division will initiate and schedule the solicitation.

(6) The division may cancel a requisition if deemed appropriate for reasons such as, but not limited to, the following. The requisition:

(a) does not contain sufficient specifications;

(b) cannot be processed in a timely manner;

(c) has no evidence of approvals required in (4); or

(d) does not comply with all requirements of these rules.

(7) Requisitions for supplies and services to be purchased with funds from a given fiscal year must be submitted to the division by:

(a) April 1 of that fiscal year for a request for proposals; and

(b) May 1 of that fiscal year for an invitation for bids.

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