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(1) The division or state agency may procure supplies or services when the total contract value will be less than $10,000 using a purchase technique that best meets the agency's needs, including the use of electronic online auctions.

(2) The payment method used for small purchases should be the state's purchasing card, except for interagency purchases.

(3) The division or state agency, if authorized in a written delegation agreement, may procure supplies or services with a total contract value of $10,000 or more and less than $100,000, using a limited solicitation procedure. This procedure requires a minimum of three viable written or oral quotations, if available. The limited solicitation procedure must be documented and, wherever practical, use the department's vendor list.

(4) This rule does not apply to controlled items purchased through exclusive term contracts, requisition time schedules, or State Print and Mail unless specifically delegated in a written delegation agreement to the agency.

(5) Procurements shall not be artificially divided or sequenced to avoid using the other source selection methods set forth in Title 18, chapter 4, MCA.

(6) If approved by the agency procurement officer, and except for new or used vehicles, a state agency may participate in electronic online auctions for limited solicitations under the following conditions:

(a) the procurement officer must review and approve the terms of the participation in the auction for compliance with state law;

(b) two quotes must first be obtained from viable sources and the lowest of the two quotes must be the amount that the auction price may not exceed;

(c) the auction price must include all fees associated with participating in the auction, including shipping and handling; and

(d) the terms of the purchase must include a right to return.


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