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(1) This rule describes the organization and functions of the board of county printing.

(a) History . The county printing commission was established by the legislature in 1967. The commission consists of five members appointed by the governor for terms of two years. Two members shall be members of the printing industry, two shall be county commissioners, and one shall be a member of the general public. The commission shall meet annually. The Montana county printing commission was continued by the legislature in 1971 and renamed the board of county printing.

(2) Functions of the Board . The function of the board of county printing will be to set maximum prices which may be charged for printing and legal advertising performed for various counties in the state. This duty will involve establishing rules and regulations, adopting and publishing a schedule of maximum prices, and adopting all necessary standards relative to county printing and legal advertising.

(3) Information and Submissions . General inquiries regarding the operations of the board may be addressed to the chairman.

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