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20.25.201    OBJECTIVES

(1) The principal objective of the board is to affect the release from confinement of appropriate eligible offenders before the completion of the full term of commitment while still fully protecting society. A hearing panel may only grant a release when, in the panel's opinion, there is a reasonable probability it can release the offender without detriment to the offender or the community. When a hearing panel grants a release the offender is subject to the conditions imposed by the panel and the supervision authorized by governing statutes, rules, and policies of the department. The board will conduct business fairly and consistently and the board's hearing panels will base decisions on public safety concerns, successful offender reentry, and sensible use of state resources.

(2) An offender must serve the statutorily or court-imposed amount of time before the board may consider the offender for release. Release before the offender serves the entire sentence is a privilege, not a right. A hearing panel may only grant a release for the best interest of society and when the panel believes the offender is able and willing to fulfill the obligations of a law-abiding citizen and not as an award of clemency or a reduction of sentence or pardon.

(3) The board's primary responsibility in making decisions about parole is public safety. The board applies Montana law in affording offenders with impartial hearings, respecting offender rights, and considering the safety of victims and the public.

(4) Board members and designated staff will participate in federal, state, and regional criminal justice planning efforts and meet periodically with relevant criminal justice personnel.


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