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20.25.701    RELEASE

(1) The board, through its staff, may delay a release that has been granted and not scheduled for rescission, up to 120 days as a result of improper conduct or new evidence or information. The staff shall notify the board of any delay and reason for it.

(2) Parole is not effective until the conditions are signed by the offender and the board issues the parole certificate. If a violation is established, a hearing panel may continue or rescind the parole, or enter such other order as it may see fit. The determination of further release shall be consistent with the rules adopted for release hearings.

(3) While on parole release an offender on nonmedical or medical parole is serving the sentence of imprisonment or commitment imposed by the court until the sentence is discharged. The offender must remain under supervision or in custody until the sentence is discharged unless the offender is granted a conditional discharge from supervision pursuant to ARM 20.25.704.

(4) An offender granted a parole is subject to revocation of the release for violation of the law or of any of the conditions of the supervision agreement including conditions imposed by the hearing panel.


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