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(1) To ensure an EPRS, VGM, AARS, or CTVS complies with the act and these rules, the department may require a licensed manufacturer, accounting system vendor, or associated gambling business to supply information, including but not limited to:

(a) all technical manuals;

(b) all schematics, printed wire assembly and hardware block diagrams;

(c) all microprocessor manuals;

(d) all source code, including programmer's comments;

(e) binary images for all programs;

(f) media storage devices containing binary image(s), including those that may reside on the peripheral devices;

(g) software compiler;

(h) a written description of the random number generator algorithm;

(i) schedule of proposed payout(s), percentage(s) and odds determinations;

(j) programmer's memory map;

(k) a description of the methods of all testing criteria if performed and the results of the tests for the following:

(i) random number generator;

(ii) electromechanical interference;

(iii) radio frequency interference;

(iv) FCC standards;

(v) A.C. line noise;

(vi) static electricity;

(vii) extreme temperature conditions;

(l) an operator's manual for each peripheral device utilized; and

(m) additional information to be provided for an EPRS, AARS, or CTVS upon request.


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