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(1) Except as provided in (2), all gambling or gambling activity must be played on a cash basis. No credit may be extended to any player. Consideration to play a game of chance must be paid in full, in cash, in advance of any play. 

(2) Players may tender, and sponsors or licensees may accept, payment by cash, check, electronic check (e-check), or debit card for entry in Calcutta pools as provided in 23-5-222, MCA, raffles as provided in 23-5-413, MCA, casino nights as provided in 23-5-702, MCA, and card games normally scored using points as provided in Title 23, chapter 5, part 3, MCA.

(3) No operator may grant a loan of any kind at any time to a player or permit a deferred payment including post-dated checks or engage in any similar practice. A check or debit card used to obtain cash on the premises of a licensed operator must be delivered and accepted unconditionally. An operator may not accept or hold a check, credit card, or debit card pending the outcome of a gambling activity. An operator may not accept cash from the person who wrote the check to repurchase a check previously cashed on the premises, unless the cash is tendered by noon on the day following the date written on the check.

(4) All checks issued to a gambling operator for cash to participate in a gambling activity must be fully completed by the drafter (owner of the account). A completed check must include the name of the gambling licensee to whom it is payable, the amount of the check, the date upon which it was written, and the signature of the drafter. Evidence of a gambling licensee's routine pattern or practice of accepting checks omitting one or more of these elements raises a disputable presumption under ARM 23.16.3001 of illegal credit gambling.

(5) Checks returned from a banking institution labeled "dishonored" or "non-sufficient funds" are not subject to the same date requirements of this rule.

(6) A licensee may accept debit cards to provide cash to customers for gambling purposes. The customer must present the debit card and the cardholder must enter a PIN number. 

(7) No licensee may accept credit cards for cash advances or the sale of items that may be redeemed for cash, such as gambling chips, money orders, checks, electronic checks (e-checks), vouchers, travelers' checks, wire transfers, or gift cards. The sum of a credit card transaction may not exceed the actual price charged for food, beverages, items offered for sale, tax where applicable, any service tip offered to and retained by the licensee's staff plus any credit card transaction fee charged the customer.

(8) Any merchandise or services purchased from a licensee with a credit card may be refunded or reimbursed through an adjustment to the customer's credit card account, and not by a cash refund unless, as provided in 30-14-108(4), the gift card was originally purchased for an amount in excess of $5 and the amount remaining on the card is less than $5.

(9) The play of authorized card games which are normally scored using points is not considered credit gambling.


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