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(1) Eligibility for admission to the ARE must be verified by the NCARB record and satisfied in accordance with the NCARB requirements. The requirements are available at www.ncarb.org.

(2) Applicants for the ARE must establish an NCARB record and:

(a) submit an application for examination through the NCARB direct registration program;

(b) meet the education standards requirements of NCARB either:

(i) by holding a degree in architecture from a school of architecture, the degree curriculum of which was accredited by the NAAB or CACB/CCCA not later than two years after graduation or retained its accreditation without revocation for two years or less before graduation; or

(ii) by actively participating in a NAAB-accepted integrated path to architectural licensure option within a NAAB-accredited degree program; or

(iii) by meeting education standards through the NCARB Education Evaluation Service for Architects (EESA) evaluation; and

(c) either be enrolled in the AXP or have completed the AXP.

(3) Applicants may retake any section of the examination that the applicant failed to pass in accordance with the NCARB requirements.

(4) Examination records are confidential and not considered public records. The board may report applicants' examination scores to architectural registration boards in other jurisdictions or to NCARB.

(5) The ARE is a proprietary examination developed and administered by NCARB. The board does not provide examination review of any type.


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