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24.126.301    DEFINITIONS

(1) "Chaperone" as used in ARM 24.126.2301 means an individual delegated to ensure proper behavior on the part of the provider and the patient during the course of a physical examination or treatment.

(2) "Diagnostic x-ray" as used in 37-12-104, MCA, shall mean any recognized form of diagnostic imaging including, but not limited to, x-ray, CAT scan and MRI.

(3) "Dietetic methods" as used in 37-12-104, MCA, shall mean any service, when performed or ordered to be performed by any licensed chiropractor for therapeutic effects, which may employ recommending and/or giving of any food, vitamin, mineral, herb, enzyme, glandular product, homeopathic preparation, diet plan, or other nutritional substance not requiring a medical prescription.

(4) "New doc seminar" means a program provided by the board that is targeted to new licensees as a source of information on state laws and rules and other various topics. The program is open to all licensed chiropractors.

(5) "Physiotherapy" as used in 37-12-104, MCA, shall mean any service, when performed, or ordered to be performed, by any licensee, employing for therapeutic effects, physiological measures, activities, and devices for preventive and therapeutic purposes, physiological agents including, but not limited to, mechanical devices, heat, air, light, water, electricity, sound, exercise, rehabilitative procedures, massage, and mobilization, when performed for the purpose of diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, and instruction of the human body to detect, assess, correct, alleviate, prevent, and limit physical disability, injury, body malfunction, pain, mental condition by the aforementioned agents, or any other procedure taught in chiropractic colleges for the purpose of preventing, correcting, or alleviating a physiological or mental disability or condition.


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