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24.135.301    DEFINITIONS

For purposes of this subchapter, the following definitions apply:

(1)  "Bureau" means the professional licensing bureau of the Department of Labor and Industry.

(2)  "Hoist" means a power driven apparatus capable of lifting and lowering loads involving no horizontal movement.

(3)  "Crane" means a machine for lifting and lowering a load and moving it horizontally, with the hoisting mechanism an integral part of the machine.  It may be fixed or mobile.

(4)  "Gantry crane" or "trolley crane" mean a crane similar to an overhead crane except that the bridge for carrying the trolley or trolleys is rigidly supported on two or more legs running on fixed rails or other runway.

(5)  "Line truck" means a truck with a standard manufacturer's truck chassis equipped with a hydraulically operated telescoping boom and may be equipped with a rotary digging device.

(6)  "Bucket truck" is a truck with a personnel lifting device designed to lift personnel to work stations above ground.

(7)  "Tower crane" is a crane with a vertical mast extending from a base support with a jib and/or boom attached to the mast at the opposite end (or near the opposite end) of the base support.  The vertical mast is seldom, if ever, less than 50 feet in length when the crane is in operation.


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