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(1) The board finds that terms stating or implying that a dentist is a specialist in some field of dentistry are terms of art indicating that the dentist has completed an accredited post-doctoral educational program in that field of at least two years. Therefore, a licensed dentist seeking specialty recognition must have successfully completed a post-doctoral program in a specialty area of dentistry consisting of at least two full-time years and which is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

(2) The specialty areas of dental practice approved by the National Commission on Recognition for Dental Specialties and Certifying Boards and the designation for ethical specialty announcement limitation of practice are:

(a) dental public health;

(b) endodontics;

(c) oral pathology;

(d) oral and maxillofacial surgery;

(e) orthodontic dentofacial orthopedics;

(f) pedodontics (dentistry for children);

(g) periodontics;

(h) prosthodontics;

(i) oral and maxillofacial radiology;

(j) oral medicine;

(k) dental anesthesiology; and

(l) other board-approved specialties.

(3) A licensee shall not advertise using the terms "specialist," "specializing," or "practice limited to" unless the licensee has met the board standards for specialization as set forth in ARM 24.138.3101 and 24.138.3103 and the branch of dentistry advertised as a specialty branch of dentistry is sanctioned as a specialty branch of dentistry by (2).

(4) A licensee who possesses a verifiable combination of education and experience is not prohibited from including in the licensee's practice one or more branches of dentistry. Any advertisement of such practice shall not make use of the terms "specialty," "specializing," "specialist," or "practice limited to" and must contain the statement "the services are being performed or provided by a general dentist," or words to that effect, and such statement must appear or be expressed in the advertisement as conspicuously as the branch of dentistry advertised.

(5) A Montana licensed dentist listing or advertising the dentist's services under any dental category that is a specialty recognized by the National Commission on Recognition for Dental Specialties and Certifying Boards must clearly disclose within the licensee's individual advertisement that the services are provided by a general dentist. Any general disclosure or disclaimer made by the advertiser or not located within the specific licensee's advertisement does not comply with this requirement.


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