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(1) Eight hours of continuing education must be obtained for each year in the renewal cycle. Requisite hours may be obtained during any portion of the renewal cycle. A minimum of four of the eight annual hours shall be certified as covering NEC updates. Newly licensed graduates of approved apprenticeship programs are exempt from continuing education requirements in the first renewal cycle. Licensees changing from journeyman or residential to a higher level of licensure are not exempt from completing the required hours of continuing education.

(2) Licensees are responsible for maintaining a record of completion certificates for courses or seminars and the hours attended. A random audit of completion certificates may be performed by the board at any time.

(3) An applicant for continuing education provider approval shall submit:

(a) a completed board-approved provider application with the required fees;

(b) a completed board-approved application for each course with the required fees;

(c) a sample completion certificate as outlined in (4)(d);

(d) documented proof from the provider that instructors are credentialed as outlined in (4)(c); and

(e) a course description and credit hours of each course.

(4) Curricula for courses or seminars must be preapproved by the State Electrical Board or designated board representative. Requests for approval of courses or seminars must be made no later than 60 days prior to the date of the seminar. Each preapproved course shall be assigned a course approval number by the board to be listed on the certificate of completion. Board approval of said courses and seminars expires August 1 of each license renewal year.

(a) Curricula of courses or seminars shall address NEC updates, or other subjects related to the electrical industry. Basic electric courses or apprentice-type courses will not be approved. Course curricula must provide a breakdown of the type of credit hours (NEC or industry), which must be included in the completion certificate.

(b) Credits for courses or seminars will be given in a minimum of four-hour increments.

(c) The course sponsor is responsible to ensure that instructors are credentialed as one or more of the following:

(i) graduate electrical engineer licensed as an electrician;

(ii) Montana licensed electrician with additional training in related subject areas;

(iii) community college or vo-tech instructor with board-approved electrical credentials;

(iv) certified teacher with board-approved electrical credentials;

(v) certified electrical apprentice instructors;

(vi) certified electrical inspectors; or

(vii) electrical continuing education instructors from other areas as approved by the board.

(d) Certificates required by (3) must contain the following:

(i) date of course;

(ii) title of course;

(iii) name of person completing the course;

(iv) State Electrical Board approval number; and

(v) breakdown of NEC and/or industry related credit hours.

(e) Certificates must be verifiable online within 30 days of completion of the course.

(5) Representatives of the department or members of the State Electrical Board shall be able to attend and monitor the courses or seminars without charge.

(6) Continuing education courses approved by another state which has a reciprocal licensing agreement with the board will be honored. The reciprocal state's course approval number, date of course, and credit breakdown must appear on the completion certificate.

(7) Completion certificates must be submitted within 30 days upon request by the board office for the purpose of licensing renewal audits. Failure to supply continuing education completion certificates when requested by the board office shall be cause for disciplinary actions.

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