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24.150.301    DEFINITIONS

(1) "Dispensing fee" means a fee chargeable by the hearing aid dispenser, subject to ARM 24.150.602, for the initial hearing evaluation, consultation, fitting, and follow-up visit.

(2) "Person in charge" means the one licensed hearing aid dispenser at a permanent place of business having the responsibilities imposed by 37-16-301, MCA.

(3) "Prominently displayed" means boldface type, uppercase letters that extend the width of an 8 1/2 by 11 inch page, excluding margins, and are at least as large as any other type face in the body of the document, but not smaller than 12-point type face.

(4) "Related devices" means those parts, attachments, or accessories typically sold with hearing aids. The term includes assistive devices, but does not include general merchandise such as cleaners, cords, or batteries that are commonly available at most retail stores.

(5) "Substantially equivalent," for purposes of 37-1-304, MCA, means the following standards which must be met by the applicant to the satisfaction of the board:

(a) the written and practical examination as required in ARM 24.150.501; and

(b) a training period under the direct supervision of a licensed hearing aid dispenser of not less than 1000 hours, or a board-approved formal hearing aid dispenser education and training program, or working 180 days as a licensed hearing aid dispenser in another state.

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