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(1) An applicant for licensure as an RN by examination shall submit to the board the required fees and a completed application, including the following information:

(a) an official transcript, sent to the board directly from the educational institution, verifying date of graduation and degree or credential conferred;

(b) proof of successful passage of NCLEX-RN;

(i) Applicants must complete all educational requirements and the board must receive all credentials prior to determining the applicant eligible to test.

(ii) Candidates failing the examination are not eligible to retest for a period determined by the testing entity, and must submit an examination retake fee.

(c) license verification and, if not in English, a certified translation, from any state, territory, or country in which the applicant holds or has held a professional license or credential;

(d) documentation, including jurisdiction and date, of any previous professional license denial or withdrawal of application; and

(e) detailed explanation and supporting documentation for each affirmative answer to background questions on application.

(2) Applications are kept on file for one year. Applicants failing to complete the application process within one year must complete a new application and submit new application fees.

(3) Internationally educated RN license applicants must comply with requirements in ARM 24.159.1229.

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