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(1) The applicant for APRN licensure must possess a current Montana RN license.

(2) The applicant must submit the APRN application form provided by the department and the nonrefundable fee.

(3) The applicant shall request that an official transcript, from an accredited graduate-level education program, be sent to the board directly from the applicant's APRN program to verify the date of completion and degree conferred.

(4) The applicant shall submit evidence of preceptorship (if not shown on transcript).

(5) The applicant shall submit a copy of current national certification in APRN role and population focus, congruent with education preparation.

(6) The board shall keep the application on file for one year. If the applicant fails to complete the requirements for application within one year, a new application must be submitted.

(7) When the board approves a licensed RN's application for APRN licensure, the RN will be issued an APRN license in addition to the applicant's current RN license.

(8) An additional application is needed for APRN prescriptive authority.

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