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(1) The board has approved the following sponsors or providers to provide instruction to licensees seeking endorsement to provide superficial physical agent modalities:

(a) providers approved or recognized by the American Occupational Therapy Association;

(b) providers approved by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy;

(c) providers approved or recognized by the American Society of Hand Therapists; or

(d) graduate level education course work offered by an accredited college or university, provided that:

(i) the course work is taken after the licensee has obtained an undergraduate degree in occupational therapy; and

(ii) the course work provides skills and knowledge beyond mere entry level skills or knowledge of the topic.

(2) The board will approve instruction provided by licensed health care professionals whose competency in teaching the use of superficial physical agent modalities is demonstrated to the satisfaction of the board.

(3) To be approved by the board, the instructor must be a licensed or otherwise regulated professional allowed to use superficial physical agent modalities and have more than one year of clinical experience in the use of these modalities.


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