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(1) An application for an outfitter license shall be on forms prescribed by the department and shall be accompanied by the required fee.

(2) A complete application, which is required prior to being allowed to take the examination, shall consist of two parts:

(a) the department's license application form, including all supporting documentation as required by that form; and

(b) an operations plan application form, accompanied by a NCHU transfer request form, if applicable.

(3) The license issued shall designate, and thereby authorize the outfitter to conduct those functions of an outfitter that the applicant has qualified for. Functions of an outfitter to be indicated on the license application and license issued, if qualified for, shall be one or more of the following:

(a) hunting services;

(b) fishing services; and

(c) if applicable to the services provided in (3)(a) and (b), and qualified for, one or more of the following:

(i) saddle or pack animal; or

(ii) boat or other floating craft, or motorized watercraft.

(4) An outfitter license shall be issued to an applicant who has demonstrated to the board that he or she has:

(a) met the qualifications to provide those services of an outfitter indicated on the license application;

(b) filed an outfitter license application with the board office;

(c) filed an operations plan that has been approved by the board;

(d) successfully passed the required examinations pertaining to those categories described in ARM 24.171.507; and

(e) received an approved equipment inspection.


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