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(1) All applicants and registrants shall establish and maintain effective written controls and procedures to guard against theft and diversion of dangerous drugs into other than legitimate medical, scientific or industrial channels.

(2) The registrant shall not employ as an agent or employee any person who has access to dangerous drugs, who has had a federal or state application for registration denied or his registration revoked at any time, or has been convicted of a felony offense under any state or federal law relating to dangerous drugs or convicted of any other felony.

(3) The registrant shall notify the Board of Pharmacy in writing by forwarding a copy of the applicable DEA form reporting the theft or loss of any dangerous drugs upon discovery of such theft or loss. The notification shall contain a list of all dangerous drugs stolen or lost.

(4) The registrant shall notify law enforcement officials of any theft or loss of any dangerous drug promptly upon discovery of such theft or loss.

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