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(1) Each pharmacist preceptor shall:

(a) apply for board approval to be a preceptor;

(b) have been actively engaged in:

(i) the practice of pharmacy for one year, unless otherwise approved by the board; or

(ii) other approved disciplines;

(c) be engaged in active practice while acting as preceptor;

(d) not have been convicted of violation of any statutes or rules relating to pharmacy within three years prior to application;

(e) be acutely aware of the responsibilities governing professional conduct in this state;

(f) have current knowledge of developments in the profession by exhibiting such attendances, readings, and actions, which conform to the best traditions of pharmacy;

(g) make such reports and certifications as required under the approved program;

(h) notify the board of any change of address or employment within 30 days. Change of employment shall serve to suspend preceptor approval until such time as reevaluation is made by the board;

(i) not be permitted to leave an intern work alone to assume the responsibility of a pharmacist; and

(j) complete a training course as approved by the board.

(2) The repackaging, labeling, and dispensing of drugs for distribution shall be under the supervision of a supervising pharmacist.

(3) A supervising pharmacist or preceptor may precept more than one intern at a time.


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