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(1) Unless otherwise permitted by the board, a journeyman plumber may perform work only in the employ of and under the supervision of a full-time licensed master plumber of record.

(2) The board recognizes that in certain instances to require a journeyman plumber to be in the employ of a master plumber of record may work a hardship, and in certain instances, the reason for requiring a master plumber of record may not exist. These instances may include journeyman plumbers who are employed by a government entity and a majority of whose work may be considered plumbing, does not involve initial installation, but rather, only certain minor kinds of maintenance to previously installed and existing plumbing.

(3) All licensed journeyman plumbers shall work only in the employ of a master plumber of record, unless the board grants an exemption from this requirement. To be exempted from this requirement, a journeyman plumber must file with the board a written application for exemption. That application must state by whom the journeyman plumber is employed, and it must state in detail the kind and amount of work the journeyman plumber is doing, especially those areas which may involve the field of plumbing.

(4) The board, upon review of the application, shall determine whether the type of employment and work thereunder shall require employment by a master plumber of record and may thereafter, in its discretion, grant or deny the application and define the scope of the exemption, including, but not limited to, any and all terms and conditions the board deems necessary or appropriate under the circumstances.

(5) A journeyman plumber license does not authorize the journeyman plumber to obtain a permit or to engage in or advertise as a plumbing business.


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