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(1) An applicant for journeyman or master plumber license shall be issued a temporary practice permit to perform only journeyman plumber functions upon approval of the applicant to take the examination for the licensure sought and upon receipt of the appropriate fees. Master applicants holding temporary practice permits may not perform plumbing functions requiring a master plumber license.

(2) A temporary practice permit terminates 110 days after issuance, or upon the applicant's fourth failure of the written examination, or upon the applicant's failure of the practical examination with a score of less than 65 percent, whichever occurs first.

(3) A second temporary practice permit will be issued to an applicant who scores between 65 and 69 percent on the practical examination or, in the board's discretion, to an applicant unable to take the practical examination for which the applicant is scheduled due to a documented hardship.

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