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24.189.205    BOARD MEETINGS

(1) Officers of the board shall be elected by board members at the regular annual meeting of the board for a year until their successors are elected.

(2) Officers shall consist of a chairman, vice-chairman and secretary.

(3) The chairman shall ordinarily call meetings of the board, preside at meetings and perform such other duties as may be specifically assigned him by the board. In the absence or disability of the chairman, the vice-chairman shall conduct meetings and perform the other duties of the chairman as necessary.

(4) Meetings shall ordinarily be called by the chairman but any two members of the board may also call a meeting.

(5) The department, on the advice of the board, will prepare and mail an agenda to board members in advance.

(6) Special meetings may be called at any time deemed necessary by the board when members agree. Meetings may be by telephone and balloting by mail or telephone.

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