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24.189.411    USE OF TITLE

(1) Persons who are not licensed under Title 37, chapter 17, MCA, may use certain titles in representing themselves to the public, as long as the titles clearly delineate the nature and the level of training. Such persons may use titles such as "psychological trainee," "psychological intern," and "psychological assistant," provided that such persons perform their activities under the direct supervision and responsibility of a licensed psychologist. This requirement applies to the following individuals only:

(a) matriculated graduate students in psychology whose activities constitute a part of the course of study for a graduate degree in psychology at an institution of higher education; or

(b) individuals pursuing postdoctoral training or experience in psychology, including those seeking to fulfill the requirements for licensure, but who have not received board approval of the postdoctoral supervision setting.

(2) Individuals whose postdoctoral setting has been approved by the board shall use the title "psychological resident."

(3) Individuals who have been certified as school psychologists by the Office of Public Instruction may use the titles "school psychologist" or "certified school psychologist." Use of these titles shall restrict practice to employment within those settings under the purview of the State Board of Education.


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