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(1) Applicants for licensure, a mentor endorsement, or a temporary practice permit must submit a complete application form provided by the department, electronically or by paper, including appropriate fees and all required documentation.

(2) An applicant for licensure by examination must additionally submit:

(a) a set of fingerprints to the Montana Department of Justice;

(b) qualifying education certificates or transcripts; and

(c) an experience log on a form provided by the department.

(3) Department staff will identify and direct an applicant by examination to submit three appraisal reports from the experience log for review. If the review indicates that the work is not compliant with USPAP, or staff have otherwise determined the applicant's background check indicates board review, staff will refer the application to the board as nonroutine. The board may request additional information or clarification of information provided in the application as it deems reasonably necessary.

(4) Applicants for licensure by reciprocity must additionally:

(a) submit a set of fingerprints to the Montana Department of Justice;

(b) have an active license in good standing, as shown on the ASC national appraiser registry, from a state that has:

(i) licensing requirements that meet or exceed those in Montana; and

(ii) a rating above a "poor" for compliance with Title XI of FIRREA as determined by the ASC; and

(c) be listed as AQB-compliant with continuing education on the ASC national appraiser registry.

(5) If the criteria in (4)(b) and (c) are not met or there is a criminal history revealed by the fingerprint background check, the reciprocal application will require review by the board as nonroutine for issuance of the license in the board's discretion.

(6) To qualify for a temporary practice permit to perform an appraisal assignment for a federally related transaction, the applicant must, as shown in the ASC national appraiser registry:

(a) have an active license in good standing as a credentialed appraiser; and

(b) be AQB-compliant.

(7) Trainee appraisers from other states are not eligible for temporary practice permits.

(8) Staff may request additional information or clarification of information provided in the application. If the applicant fails to complete the application or comply with the request, the application will expire within one year. After expiration, an applicant will be required to submit an entirely new application to begin the process again.

(9) A fingerprint report is valid for six months from date of receipt of the report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If an application is still pending after this six-month period, the board may require the applicant to resubmit fingerprints.


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