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(1) Educational and training courses must receive prior approval by the board. Each course shall be approved for a three-year period only, and must be resubmitted, with all updated information required in (4), for reapproval at the end of the three-year period.

(2) Approved courses must meet the following standards:

(a) the course was developed by persons qualified in the subject matter and instructional design;

(b) the program content is current;

(c) the instructor is qualified with respect to course content and teaching methods;

(d) the number of participants and physical facilities are consistent with the teaching methods;

(e) the qualifying education course includes an examination for measuring the information learned;

(f) qualifying education courses must have a minimum length of 15 hours; and

(g) continuing education courses must have a minimum length of two hours.

(3) The following may be approved as providers of educational and training courses provided the standards set forth in (2) are met:

(a) universities, colleges, junior colleges, or community colleges accredited by a regional accrediting body accepted by the appropriate agency of the state of Montana;

(b) professional appraisal and real estate related organizations; or

(c) such other providers as approved by the board.

(4) To apply for approval, a course provider must make application in the manner prescribed by the board and pay the proper fee 30 days prior to offering the course. The application shall include, but not be limited to:

(a) course outline or syllabus;

(b) all texts, workbooks, handouts, or other course materials;

(c) instructors and their qualifications, including selection, training, and evaluation criteria;

(d) course examinations; and

(e) history of the provider.

(5) The board shall have the authority to deny or revoke its approval of a previously approved course or course provider for cause.

(6) An applicant must attend 100 percent of the scheduled class hours, complete all required exercises, and achieve a passing score on a proctored course examination in order to receive credit for a qualifying education course.

(7) It is the applicant's responsibility to verify that a particular course or other program for which credit is claimed has been accepted by the board.

(8) A classroom hour is defined as 50 minutes out of each 60-minute segment.

(9) Credit toward the classroom hour requirement may only be granted for qualifying education if the length of the educational offering is at least 15 hours and the individual successfully completes an examination pertinent to that educational offering.

(10) The board approves the following educational settings:

(a) accredited colleges or universities;

(b) accredited community or junior colleges;

(c) real estate appraisal or real estate related organizations;

(d) state or federal agencies or commissions;

(e) proprietary schools; or

(f) other providers approved by the board.

(11) Distance education courses may be approved if the board determines that:

(a) the distance education course serves to protect the public by contributing to the maintenance and improvement of the quality of real estate appraisal services provided by real estate appraiser licensees to the public;

(b) an appropriate and complete application has been filed and approved by the board; and

(c) the distance education course meets all other requirements as prescribed in the statutes and rules that govern the operation of approved courses.

(12) Distance education (online) may total 100 percent of qualifying education requirements for each level of licensure.

(13) Credit toward qualifying education requirements may be obtained via the completion of a degree program in real estate from an accredited degree-granting college or university, provided the college or university has had its curriculum reviewed and approved by the AQB.

(14) Aside from complying with the requirements to complete the seven-hour national USPAP update course or its AQB-approved equivalent, trainees and appraisers may not receive credit for completion of the same continuing education course offering within a trainee's or an appraiser's continuing education cycle.


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