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(1) Applicants for licensure or certification may claim 100 percent of the required experience from conducting ad valorem appraisal assignments with the Montana Department of Revenue.

(2) In addition to the general requirements for application, applicants under this rule shall provide:

(a) an experience log prescribed by the board and attested to by the applicant's supervisor that the appraisals claimed for experience have been performed in compliance with USPAP Standards 5 and 6.

(i) For licensure as a licensed real estate appraiser and licensure as a certified residential real estate appraiser, the appraisals must be for residential properties.

(ii) For licensure as a certified general real estate appraiser, the appraisals must be for nonresidential properties.

(b) proof of successful completion of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) training and testing relevant to the license or certification category applied for and required by the Montana Department of Revenue as set forth at ARM 42.18.206 through 42.18.208; and

(c) a demonstration appraisal report performed in compliance with USPAP Standards 1 and 2.


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