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(1) The board, in its discretion, may impose disciplinary action against a licensee violating any law or rules of the board. The board shall decide on a case-by-case basis the type and extent of disciplinary action it deems appropriate applying the following considerations:

(a) the seriousness of the infraction;

(b) the detriment to the health, safety, and welfare of the people of Montana; and

(c) past or pending disciplinary actions relating to the licensee.

(2) In addition to any sanction provided in 37-1-312, MCA, the board may impose one or more of the following sanctions against a licensee who violates one or more of the laws or rules of the board:

(a) revocation of a license;

(b) suspension of its judgment of revocation on terms and conditions determined by the board;

(c) placing a licensee on probation;

(d) public or private reprimand or censure of a licensee;

(e) taking any other action in relation to disciplining a licensee as the board in its discretion considers proper;

(f) limitation or restriction of the scope of the license and the licensee's practice;

(g) deferral of disciplinary proceedings or imposition of disciplinary sanctions; or

(h) ordering the licensee to successfully complete appropriate training.

(3) When a license is revoked or suspended, the license must immediately be surrendered to the board.

(4) Any order of license discipline, when final, including those reached by settlement agreement, may be published.


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