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(1) An application for a license must be made on a form provided by the department and completed and signed by the applicant.

(2) The application must be accompanied by the appropriate license fees, and contain sufficient evidence that the applicant possesses the qualifications set forth in Title 37, chapter 28, MCA, and rules promulgated thereunder. Pursuant to 37-28-202, MCA, passage of the NBRC examination demonstrates that the applicant has completed the examination requirements for licensure.

(3) The board shall require the applicant to submit the original hard copy or electronic certified documents in support of the application.

(4) The board or department, at the board's discretion, shall review fully completed applications for compliance with board law and rules and shall notify the applicant in writing of the results of the evaluation of the application. The board may request such additional information or clarification of information provided in the application as it deems reasonably necessary. Applicants will be notified of incomplete portions of an application and will be asked to provide the missing information.

(5) The applicant shall correct any deficiencies and submit the missing information to the board. Applications that are not completed within one year from the date of the application shall expire and the applicant will be required to submit an entirely new application to begin the process again.

(6) All requests for reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, at 42 USC sections 12101, et seq., must be made on forms provided by the department and submitted with the application.

(7) An applicant who has been away from the practice of the profession of respiratory care for more than three years shall provide evidence of competency. The applicant may demonstrate competency by:

(a) retaking the respective examination(s) for the credential being renewed and achieving a passing score; or

(b) passing an NBRC credentialing examination not previously completed.

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