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(1) Per 37-15-313, MCA, speech-language pathology aides/assistants must work directly under the supervision of a Montana-licensed speech-language pathologist. Audiology aides/assistants must work directly under the supervision of a Montana-licensed audiologist.

(2) The aide/assistant supervisor assumes full legal and ethical responsibility for the tasks performed by the aide/assistant and for any services or related interactions with a client.

(3) Aide/assistant supervisors are required to provide at least ten percent of the services to each individual client.

(4) In order to supervise, aide/assistant supervisors must have been licensed in Montana or another state or jurisdiction for at least one full year.

(5) No aide/assistant supervisor may supervise more than three full-time-equivalent aides/assistants.

(6) The aide/assistant supervisor must register aides/assistants annually per 37-15-313, MCA. The annual registration period is September 1 through October 31.

(7) As deemed appropriate by the aide/assistant supervisor, aides/assistants who are not supervised on-site may be supervised using asynchronous and synchronous methods as defined in ARM 24.222.301.

(8) Aide/assistant supervisors shall:

(a) ensure the aides/assistants are adequately trained and educated for the tasks they will perform. The amount and type of training required must be based on:

(i) skills and experience of the aide/assistant;

(ii) needs of the patients/clients served;

(iii) service setting;

(iv) tasks assigned; and

(v) any other factors as determined by the aide/assistant supervisor; and

(b) maintain appropriate records regarding aide/assistant activities, including, but not limited to services and related client interactions.


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