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(1) Veterinarian applicants must pass the national North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) or its successor unless (2) applies. 

(a) An applicant may not take the NAVLE or its successor more than five times unless approved by the board.

(b) An applicant may not take the NAVLE or its successor more than five years after the initial attempt date unless approved by the board.

(c) Each of the final two attempts must be at least one year after the previous attempt.

(d) Any attempt(s) to pass the exam prior to fall 2007 will not count toward the five-attempt limit.

(2) Veterinarian applicants who took the national exam prior to 2000 must have passed one of the following:

(a) the National Board Examination and the Clinical Competency Test with a converted score of 70 or greater as received by the board from the official score reporting agency; or

(b) the National Board Examination with a converted score of 70 or greater and have been licensed on the basis of a competency (not jurisprudence) examination by a veterinary board under the laws of another state of the United States or a Canadian province.

(3) In addition to passing the applicable examination as described in (1) or (2), all applicants must pass a jurisprudence examination prescribed by the board covering the statutes and rules governing the practice of veterinary medicine in Montana.

(a) Applicants must pass the jurisprudence examination with a score of 90 percent or greater.

(b) Any applicant who fails the jurisprudence examination may retake the examination.


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