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(1) Applications for certification as embryo transfer technician (ETT) shall be made on forms provided by the department.

(2) Applications shall include:

(a) a current photograph of the applicant certified by a notary;

(b) certified transcripts verifying the required education sent directly from the college or university attended; and

(c) an original form signed by the applicant and a veterinarian licensed to practice and residing in this state in which the veterinarian agrees to supervise the possession and administration of specific drugs necessary for embryo transfer procedures.

(3) Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have successfully completed at least six semester hours of 300 level reproductive physiology and endocrinology courses from accredited colleges or universities.

(4) Applicants shall submit a completed application with the proper fee as set forth in ARM 24.225.401 and supporting documents to the board office no later than August 1 to be eligible for the fall examination.

(5) An application shall remain active for two years from the date the application is received at the board office. An applicant who, for any reason, fails or neglects to complete the licensing process within two years shall be required to file another application and submit another application fee.

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