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(1) For the purposes of implementing the provisions of 37-1-319, MCA, and in addition to 37-1-316, MCA, the board further defines unprofessional conduct as follows:

(a) violation of any state or federal regulations regulating the practice of animal euthanasia;

(b) cruel or inhumane treatment of animals;

(c) incompetence, negligence, cruelty, or use of any practice or procedure in the practice of animal euthanasia, which creates an unreasonable risk of physical harm to the animal, staff, or public;

(d) possession and use of euthanasia and restraint drugs for any purpose other than animal euthanasia as described in these rules;

(e) violation of any state or federal drug laws;

(f) failure to cooperate with an investigation or inspection authorized by the Board of Veterinary Medicine;

(g) failure to meet the certified euthanasia agency operation standards described in these rules, including but not limited to maintaining sanitary conditions and appropriate records of euthanasia and restraint drugs;

(h) practicing as a CEA or as a CET if a certificate is expired, terminated, revoked, or suspended;

(i) willful or repeated violations of rules regarding euthanasia established by any health agency or authority of the state or a political subdivision thereof;

(j) resorting to fraud, misrepresentation, or deception in the euthanasia of an animal;

(k) failure of a certified euthanasia agency to have current DEA registration;

(l) use of unapproved drugs or methods for euthanasia;

(m) euthanasia of an animal for which the certified euthanasia technician has not received training; or

(n) failure to store euthanasia or restraint drugs or other controlled substances used in the euthanasia of animals in compliance with established DEA requirements. 


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