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(1) Pursuant to authority granted by 33-2-321(4) , MCA, the commissioner hereby orders every licensed surplus lines insurance producer, as a condition of continued licensure, to join the association within thirty days of either the effective date of these rules, or the initial issuance of that license to the surplus lines insurance producer, whichever comes later. No licensed surplus lines insurance producer who joins the association shall be required to pay any fees other than stamping fees and any penalty due thereon, attend or participate in association events, vote in association elections, or provide any other information than that required by the association to fulfill its obligations under 33-2-301, et seq., MCA, and these rules.

(2) Upon becoming a member of the association, every surplus lines insurance producer shall receive from the association, at no cost, a surplus lines operating manual and stamp, both approved by the commissioner, and every subsequent publication which the association disseminates to its members. The association shall publish and distribute to its members all amendments to those sections of the operating manual approved by the commissioner, and no such amendment shall become effective until approved by the commissioner and distributed to the association's members.

(3) The association shall at all times maintain a current list of its members available, upon request, to the commissioner and shall publish at least annually a complete list of its members and make such list available to its members, the commissioner, and the public.

History: Sec. 33-1-313 and 33-2-316, MCA; IMP, 33-2-301 through 33-2-326, MCA; NEW, 1990 MAR p. 218, Eff. 1/26/90.

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