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24.147.505    RENEWALS

(1) Renewal notices will be sent as specified in ARM 24.101.414.

(2) All licenses, whether individual or establishment, with the exception of cemeteries, must be renewed pursuant to 37-1-141 , MCA. The renewal date is set by ARM 24.101.413.

(3) Renewals that are in any manner incomplete on receipt by the department will be returned to the licensee for completion and resubmission. To be considered complete, the renewal must:

(a) be accompanied by the appropriate renewal fee. Checks returned to the department for any reason will be returned to the licensee for payment. The license will be considered not renewed until proper payment is received;

(b) include an affidavit of continuing education if required for the license being renewed as specified in ARM 24.147.2101; and

(c) be accompanied by any other material or documentation the board may require for renewal as identified on the renewal notice.

(4) Completed renewals submitted to the board after the date specified in ARM 24.101.413 shall be considered late and subject to a late penalty fee as specified in ARM 24.101.403.

(5) The provisions of ARM 24.101.408 apply.

History: 37-1-141, 37-19-202, 37-19-301, MCA; IMP, 37-1-141, 37-19-301, MCA; NEW, 2002 MAR p. 793, Eff. 1/18/02; AMD, 2006 MAR p. 1169, Eff. 5/5/06; AMD, 2006 MAR p. 1583, Eff. 7/1/06.

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