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24.180.407    EXAMINATIONS

(1) Individuals who have been approved for the examination or are reexamining shall be required to submit an examination fee 15 days prior to the examination date. Applicants whose fees are not received by the deadline shall be required to sit for the next available examination.

(2) Examinations to determine the fitness of an applicant, either master plumber or journeyman plumber, will be held at the pleasure of the board, at not less than three month intervals. The examination will be held in the city of Helena, Montana, unless the board specifically designates a different place for any such examination.

(3) Special examinations may be held in event the examination date and place regularly set by the board conflicts with religious beliefs of the applicant, and in that event, the applicant may petition the board by letter requesting such special examination. If the board allows such a special examination, it shall set a time and place thereof in its discretion.

(4) All master applicants will be required to successfully complete a written examination with a score of 70 percent or better before the appropriate license will be issued. All journeyman applicants will be required to successfully complete a written and practical examination with a score of 70 percent or better before the appropriate license will be issued.

(5) Examination papers may be reviewed in the board office for a period of 60 days immediately following the examination date only. Note taking will be allowed during the time of review, but the notes must be left in the board office. Questions on the review must be submitted in writing for response by the board.

(6) Any applicant for the journeyman's or master's license who shall sit for and fail the examination two consecutive times will not be allowed to retake the examination for a period of one year commencing with the date of the last examination that he failed. After one year, the applicant shall submit a notarized statement from an individual acceptable to the board, which attests to 20 hours of additional training acceptable to the board before the applicant will be approved to again take the examination.




(7) When an applicant fails to take the first examination for which he was scheduled, he may have his examination fee apply towards the next examination. However, if the applicant fails to take the next examination, his fee shall be forfeited and application for any subsequent examination will require another examination fee.


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