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(1) Reports submitted shall be classified as either acceptable or not acceptable. Definitions of these terms are as follows:

(a) "Acceptable" means in compliance with professional standards (no significant departures from professional standards noted) , but reviewers may have minor comment(s) for the practitioner's consideration.

(b) "Not acceptable" means not in compliance with professional standards as the reviewers have noted significant departures from such standards and/or the report is significantly inaccurate.

(2) Responses are required from those practice units whose reports are classified as not acceptable or from practice units that have submitted a peer report that is other than unmodified. The board may also require a written comprehensive statement of future procedures to be followed that will ensure an improvement in the quality of future reports.

(3) For those practice units which are required to submit responses under (2) , the board may require one or more of the following actions:

(a) completion of specific CPE courses;

(b) third-party review of workpapers;

(c) third-party review of other reports and workpapers;

(d) pre-issuance reviews of reports by permit holders approved by the board;

(e) inspection of quality controls by a third party;

(f) participation in an approved peer review program; and

(g) all other sanctions allowed by 37-1-312 , MCA.

(4) The reports submitted to the board under this subchapter shall be subject to review, investigation and enforcement under subchapter 24.

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