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24.5.309    INTERVENTION

(1) Intervention in a pending proceeding shall be governed by the considerations set forth in Rule 24(a) and (b) of the Mont. R. Civ. P.

(2) Unless otherwise permitted by order of the court, a motion to intervene must be served within 30 days of the service of the petition by the court. The motion shall state the grounds upon which intervention is sought. A copy of the motion, supporting brief and any affidavits shall be served upon all parties. Any party to the dispute shall have 10 days following service to serve an answering brief. The court, in its discretion, will determine whether or not to allow intervention.

(3) If intervention results in the trial being vacated and good cause is shown, the court may order the insurance company alleged to be at risk at the time of the accident to pay benefits pending the trial. Such insurer has a right to seek indemnity from the responsible insurer if it is later determined it was not responsible.

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