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32.28.707    OWNERS

(1) Each owner shall obtain a license from the board. Persons under the age of 18 shall not be licensed as owners.   Any application for owner's license must establish financial responsibility to the satisfaction of the board.   Failure to maintain financial responsibility shall be grounds for revocation of license.

(2) An authorized agent will be recognized as having authority to handle all matters pertaining to the stable for which he is authorized to act, and the acts of the agent shall be deemed the acts of the owner, and an owner shall accept responsibility for his agent's acts.

(3) Each stable name must be duly registered with the board.

(4) In applying to race under stable name, the applicant must disclose the identity or identities behind a stable name. If a partnership is involved in the identity behind a stable name, the rules covering partnerships must be complied with.

(a) Changes in identities must be reported immediately to and approval obtained from the board.

(b) A trainer, who is a licensed owner or part owner may use a stable name as owner or part owner.   However, no trainer may be licensed as trainer other than in his legal name.

(c) Any person who has been registered under a stable name may, at any time cancel it after he has given written notice to the board.

(d) A stable name may be changed at any time by registering a new stable name and by paying the fee as required.

(e) A person cannot register as his stable name one which has been registered by any other person with any licensee conducting a recognized meeting, or with the New York jockey club, or with another racing authority.

(f) A person may not register as his stable name one which is the real name of any owner of race horses, nor which is the real name of any prominent person not owning race horses.

(g) A stable name shall be plainly distinguishable from that of another duly registered stable name.

(h) No stable name shall be used if in the judgement of the stewards it is being used for advertising purposes.

(5) If an owner changes trainers, the new trainer must notify the stewards.

(6) No owner shall compensate a jockey for the purpose of preventing him from riding in any race.

(7) No owner shall accept, directly or indirectly, any bribe, gift, or gratuity in any form which might influence the result of any race or races or tend to do so.

(8) Owners shall not remove horse registration papers from the race office.

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