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(1) As used in chapter 8, unless the context otherwise requires, the following definitions shall apply:

(a) "Arabic numerals" are defined as numbers (not spelled out) such as 3/20 or 12/31.

(b) A "day" is defined as any 24 hour period beginning when pasteurization of a unit of milk is completed.

(c) "Milk" is defined as whole milk, reduced fat milk, lowfat milk, fat free milk, artificially flavored milk, whipping cream, half and half and/or any other pasteurized liquid milk product designed to be consumed in the form in which it is packaged, except buttermilk, eggnog, and ultra-pasteurized or aseptic processed milk products.

(d) "Pasteurized date" is the same date a unit of milk completes pasteurization.

(e) A "sell-by" date is defined as the 12th consecutive day, never to exceed 288 hours, following pasteurization of a unit of milk.

(f) "Standard abbreviations" are defined as a date code such as MAR 31, or NOV 12.

(g) A "unit of milk" is a quantity of milk that is pasteurized during one pasteurization processing cycle.

(2) The department of livestock hereby adopts and incorporates by reference as rules of the department the following as they are now described and as they may from time to time be amended:

(a) "Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance, 1978 Recommendations of the United States Public Health Service/Food and Drug Administration" (PMO) together with attached recommended administrative procedures, appendices, and index, except sections 9, 15, 16, and 17.

(b) "Methods of Making Sanitation Ratings of Milk Supplies," 1978 Edition issued by the U.S. public health service/food and drug administration (MMSR) .

(c) "Fabrication of Single-Service Containers for Milk and Milk Products, Sanitary Standards," 1978 Edition issued by the U.S. public health service/food and drug administration (SSCC) .

(d) "Evaluation of Milk Laboratories," 1978 Edition (EML) .

(e) "Grade A Condensed and Dry Milk Products and Condensed and Dry Whey, 1978 Recommended Sanitation Ordinance for Condensed and Dry Milk Products and Condensed and Dry Whey used in Grade A Pasteurized Milk Products" (DMO) .

(f) "Procedures Governing the Cooperative State-Public Health Service/Food and Drug Administration Program for Certification of Interstate Milk Shippers," 1997 edition.

(3) These model codes and associated documents prescribe allowable methods of producing and processing Grade A milk and milk products and the methods by which compliance with the standards set forth are to be evaluated.

(4) Copies of related federal ordinances and associated documents are on file with the department and are carried by each sanitarian employed by the department.

History: Sec. 81-2-102 MCA; IMP, Sec. 81-2-102, 2-4-307 MCA; NEW, 1980 MAR p. 1539, Eff. 7/1/80; AMD, 1999 MAR p. 144, Eff. 1/15/99; AMD, 2000 MAR p. 2985, Eff. 10/27/00.

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