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(1) The department shall conduct a preliminary review of each parcel prior to nomination to determine whether further review is warranted. The department may consider the following factors in the preliminary review:

(a) the parcel produces low income, as calculated by:

(i) high market value and low return on the asset;

(ii) high administrative costs relative to other similar parcels; or

(iii) low potential to increase productive capacity of the land;

(b) whether the parcel is isolated. On a nonisolated parcel, the department shall describe the existing level of access;

(c) the parcel's impact on the diversity of the overall asset portfolio and within its land classification;

(d) the extent of infrastructure, such as roads, utilities, power, telephone, water, or sewer availability;

(e) the estimated net annual income from the parcel, based on information in the "Report on the Return on Asset Value by Trust and Land Office for State Trust Land";

(f) the potential for appreciation or depreciation in the value of the parcel, based on the best available information from the local real estate market;

(g) the parcel's potential for development or value-added activities that complement local and statewide economic development;

(h) whether and to what degree the sale of the parcel would affect access to other public lands; and

(i) whether the parcel is adjacent to other public land or private land under conservation easement, as documented by current information in the Montana natural heritage program database or similar source.

(2) Based on the preliminary review, the department will recommend to the nominator whether the parcel qualifies for nomination.

History: 77-1-204, 77-2-308, and 77-2-362, MCA; IMP, 77-2-328 and 77-2-363, MCA; NEW, 2004 MAR p. 2399, Eff. 10/8/04.

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