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(1) Any day care facility which operates a day care program in connection with another non-day care program on the same premises must have separate staff and separate space for each program. However, staff and space may be shared for janitorial, maintenance, cooking, or other support services.

(2) Children attending the facility for day care shall not come in contact with other persons who are receiving care in the facility unless the provider can prove to the department's satisfaction that those persons will not pose any threat to the health, safety and well being of the children in day care.

(3) If multiple programs, including multiple day care programs or facilities in the same building, increase the number of people regularly in the building to more than 12 individuals, all fire, safety and sanitation requirements which may be impacted must be complied with by the day care facility.

(a) multiple day care group homes which are currently operating under a "double group" registration within a single structure will have three years or until September 30, 2003, to either upgrade to center status and meet all center requirements, or relinquish one group registration and limit the number of children accordingly.

(4) Persons, corporations or organizations may be licensed or registered for more than one day care facility if facility sites, staff, and space are completely separate from one another.

(a) If the day care facility is housed in a private single-family living structure, the structure can only obtain one registration or license.

(b) If the multiple program day care facility is in a non-residential structure, and is owned by the same entity or person it will be licensed as a center and will be required to meet all center regulations.

(c) If more than one day care program exists in one retail or commercial structure, and there are separate owners or entities of each program, the department will grant individual registrations or licenses.

(d) If the day care facility is contained in a multi-family structure, such as an apartment building, the structure will be allowed to house multiple day care facilities that meet the requirements of (1) and (2) above.

(e) If the facility is licensed or registered as a day care facility, but also serves as a foster care home, the department's child and family services (CFS) regional administrator and quality assurance division (QAD) must approve the dual license or registration.

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