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(1) Some elections authorized to use the mail ballot procedure do not require an otherwise qualified elector to be registered. Certain provisions must therefore be made to allow any such qualified electors to participate in that election.

(2) When such an individual appears in person and demonstrates an eligibility to vote as provided in 7-13-2212 , 7-33-2106 , 85-7-1710 , 85-8-305 , MCA or a similar section, he must be allowed to vote, by either:

(a) voting in person at that time, provided the ballots are available, and in the manner provided in ARM 44.9.301 and ARM 44.9.302 above; or

(b) completing and signing, for subsequent signature verification purposes, an absentee request as provided in Title 13, chapter 13, part 2, MCA.

(3) In each case of voting by a nonregistered but otherwise eligible elector, officials shall:

(a) duly note the elector's nonregistered status on the return/verification envelope, either at the time of voting if in person, or prior to mailing; and

(b) enter the elector's name in the register, on an addendum page provided for that purpose, and include all names so entered in their register reconciliation.

History: Sec. 13-19-105, MCA; IMP, Sec. 13-19-304, MCA; NEW, 1985 MAR p. 1020, Eff. 7/26/85; AMD, 1990 MAR p. 308, Eff. 2/9/90.

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