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(1) In addition to passing the examination referred to in ARM 24.162.504, an applicant must submit a completed application form documenting education, training, experience or a combination thereof totaling 1,200 points.  The minimum accumulative point-value shall be 1,200 points.

(2) An application shall be filed and must be accompanied by the required fee, which shall not be refunded.

(3) The application information furnished by each applicant shall be evaluated by the board and given point-value to determine whether the applicant has sufficient experience, education or training.  The experience, education or training requirements are set out in (a) through (c) below.

(a) Experience will be accepted for categories set out in (i) through (iii) below.  Designated points are given based upon 40 hours or more per week.  Documented part-time employment will be prorated on a full-time employee (40 hours per week) status. An applicant seeking points for experience earned beyond the seven-year period preceding the application date will not be awarded points unless the application is accompanied with documentation of such experience.  Adequate documentation consists of a supervisor's letter, Internal Revenue Service W-4 form, or employment evaluations signed by a supervisor or other official verification of employment.

(i) management experience, with or without supervision, from the administration, no more than 600 points/year;

(ii) direct services experience providing health care services with direct patient contact, no more than 150 points/year;

(iii) support services (indirect experience) experience in health care facility(ies) with indirect patient contact, no more than 50 points/year;

(b) Credit for educational training will be given as set forth in (i) through (ii) below.  In the case where multiple degrees have been attained, credit shall be given for one degree only, according to the degree designated for credit by the license applicant.

(i) minimum of an associate degree in health care or business equals 1,200 points;

(ii) college/university course work in a health or business related course, (completed with a grade of not less than "C") equals 20 points/credit hour.

(c) Training seminars/workshop/short courses in health care and business equals one point per approved clock hour;

(d) Administrator-in-training (AIT) programs may be submitted for one point per clock hour credit for hours earned. Verification of clock hours must be documented and signed by the licensed active nursing home administrator.

(4) The applicant must submit a copy of all documents including transcript and diploma or degree, if applicable, to provide a sufficient basis for the board to evaluate the points earned by the applicant.

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