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(1) Applicants eligible for CHIP must enroll with an insurer under contract with the department.

(2) When more than one insurer contracts with the department to provide services in the area in which a family lives, the family may request enrollment with a particular insurer.

(a) If the family fails to choose an insurer, the department may assign an insurer.

(3) All eligible CHIP family members must enroll with the same insurer.

(4) An insurer must accept without restriction eligible applicants in the order in which they are received for enrollment until the insurer's maximum enrollment, if any, under the contract is reached.

(5) The enrollment date will always be the first day of the enrollment month. An applicant will be enrolled the later of:

(a) the month after the applicant is determined eligible; or

(b) the month funding is sufficient to enroll the applicant from the waiting list.

(6) The insurer must:

(a) provide each enrollee with a handbook of information about CHIP including a summary of benefits; and

(b) issue an appropriate identification card to each enrollee.

History: Sec. 53-4-1009, MCA; IMP, Sec. 53-4-1003 and 53-4-1007, MCA; NEW, 2000 MAR p. 1221, Eff. 5/12/00; AMD, 2004 MAR p. 330, Eff. 2/13/04.

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