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18.4.115    VERIFICATION

(1) Section 2-20-103, MCA requires that a digital signature be "capable of verification". A public key based digital signature is capable of verification if:

(a) the acceptor of the digitally signed document can verify the document was digitally signed by using the signer's public key to decrypt the message; and

(b) if a certificate is a required component of a transaction with a public agency, the issuing certification authority, either through a certification practice statement or through the content of the certificate itself, must identify which, if any, form(s) of identification it required of the signer prior to issuing the certificate.





Rule 18.5.101 Preface


18.5.102 General Policy


18.5.103 Definitions


18.5.104 Instructions for Securing Approach Permit


18.5.105 General Requirements


18.5.106 Design Requirements for Access Driveways


18.5.107 Public Access Approaches - IS HEREBY REPEALED


18.5.108 Private Access Approaches - IS HEREBY REPEALED


18.5.109 Mail Box Requirements - IS HEREBY REPEALED


18.5.110 Driveway Approach Application and Permit - IS HEREBY REPEALED


18.5.111 Typical Layouts - IS HEREBY REPEALED


18.5.112 Design Requirements


18.5.113 Typical Layouts



History: 2-20-105, MCA; IMP, 2-20-105, MCA; NEW, 2004 MAR p. 2915, Eff. 12/3/04.

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