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32.28.602    CLERK OF SCALES

(1) The clerk of scales shall weigh jockeys out and in, and he shall record and publish any overweight or variation from the weight appearing on the card.

(2) The clerk of scales shall record and publish on the notice board any overweight or any change of jockey, weight, or racing colors, as compared with those stated on the official program and shall promptly supply all proper racing officials with all pertinent changes.

(3) The clerk of the scales shall promptly report to the stewards any infraction of the rules with respect to weight, weighing in, or riding equipment.

(4) If the overweight is more than two pounds in excess of the weight the horse is to carry, trainer consenting, the jockey shall declare the amount of overweight to the clerk of scales at least 45 minutes before the time appointed for the race. Failure on the part of any jockey to comply with this rule shall be reported to the stewards.

(5) Every jockey must be weighed for a specified horse not more than 30 minutes before the time fixed for the race.

(6) If a horse runs in muzzle, martingale or breast plate, they must be included in the jockey's weight. His weight shall also include his clothing, boots and saddle and its attachments.

(7) None of the following items should be included in a jockey's weight:

(a) whip;

(b) head number;

(c) bridle;

(d) bit reins;

(e) number cloth;

(f) blinkers or protective helmet;

(g) safety vest.

(8) No bridle shall exceed two pounds in weight and no whip or substitute for whip shall exceed one pound in weight unless approved by the stewards.

(9) No safety vest shall exceed two pounds in weight.

(10) No horse shall carry more than seven pounds over-weight without first being approved by the stewards.

(11) The licensee shall provide the only attendants who will be permitted to assist jockeys in weighing out.

(12) The clerk of scales shall weigh in all jockeys after each race, and after weighing, shall notify the stewards if the weights are correct.

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