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24.147.504    INTERNSHIP

(1) The registered intern must complete all of his internship in the state of Montana and must report any change of sponsoring mortician within ten days to receive credit towards the 12 months internship.

(2) To qualify, an intern must be a full-time employee at a licensed mortuary under the supervision of a licensed mortician and assist in the complete funeral (embalming, dressing, arrangement of funeral) of at least 25 bodies.

(a) At least six months of the internship period must be served under the supervision of the same licensed mortician.

(3) An intern may apply to the board for special consideration in cases involving closure of firm, hardship due to illness or death of supervising mortician, illness of intern or such other emergency that may occur.

(4) Internship must be completed within three years of passing the examination.

(a) If after a three-year period from passing the exam, the internship has not been completed, the intern may apply for reexamination of state law and rules, and upon passing begin his internship anew.

(b) No credit will be given for prior time served in an internship.

(5) An intern mortician may perform all the duties and functions of a licensed mortician, as allowed and directed by the supervising mortician, who remains responsible for the professional actions of the intern.

(a) "Supervision" means the extent of oversight required in the judgement of the supervisor, considering the circumstances of training, experience, judgement and professional development of the intern.

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