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4.5.313    FEES

(1)  An inspection fee of $2.50 per acre or a $25 minimum charge per field for forage inspection will be charged to the person for whom the forage was inspected. State mileage and per diem rates may also be assessed by the agents.

(2)  Fees charged are payable to the agent:

(a)  at the time of inspection; or

(b)  by special arrangement made for payment through a written agreement with the agent.

(c)  If additional inspections are required because of weather operation delays or other related problems, the discretion of whether to charge an additional inspection fee will be left to the agent. The department will not require that the $1.00 per acre be charged for additional inspections due to weather, or other related problems, so the maximum inspection fee (if charged)  will be $1.50/acre.

(3)  The government agent must submit $1.00 per acre or $10.00 for ten acres or less for hay or straw to the department and report on a financial form provided by the department. The funds and form must be submitted by September 15 of each year to ensure that the persons producing certified forage will be included on the NWSFF producer list.

(4)  If the fee is not paid or a person improperly pays any fee or assessment under the provisions of 80-7-921, MCA, the department or its agent will not provide further services.

(5)  An inspection fee of $20.00 per hour or a $40.00 minimum charge per facility per inspection will be charged to manufacturers of certified processed pellets using noncertified forage in the process and certified grain concentrates harvested from noncertified fields that are mechanically cleaned of noxious weed seed. State mileage and per diem rates may also be assessed by agents. The manufacturer shall document the tons of grain concentrate or pellets processed and submit the document to the department on or before January 30 for the previous year's production.

(6)  A record of grain concentrates or the pellets produced from noncertified forage shall be retained for two years.

(7)  The cost for grain concentrate analysis shall be paid by the manufacturer. The product marker (label)  will be provided by the department to the manufacturer of certified grain concentrates and pellets at cost.

History: 80-7-907, MCA; IMP, 80-7-905, 80-7-907, 80-7-908, MCA; NEW, 1996 MAR p. 1361, Eff. 5/24/96; AMD, 2004 MAR p. 311, Eff. 2/13/04; AMD, 2006 MAR p. 1246, Eff. 5/19/06.

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