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24.210.602    EXAMINATION

(1) License examinations may be held at such times and places determined by the board.

(2) The rules established by the examination provider shall be obeyed by all persons taking an examination. A violation of the examination provider's rules may result in imposition of any sanction found in 37-1-312 , MCA.

(3) The board may from time to time review and amend the examination type, format, and the score upon which the pass or fail determination is made.

(4) For the broker examination, the pass-fail score is 80 percent.

(5) For the salesperson examination, the pass-fail score is:

(a) 80 percent for the uniform examination portions; and

(b) 70 percent for the state examination portion.

(6) All test scores may be scaled and equated for the specific examination either by the board or by the testing agency that provides or administers the examination.

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